I want to live in a future where…

  • I can go to school regularly

  • We have a computer at home

  • We can go to university

  • I can explore space

  • I am safe wherever I go 

  • I can be a good mum

  • I can become an engineer

  • My drinking water is clean

  • I live in a war free zone

  • A doctor is there to help me

  • I can become a scientist

  • We can play in nature

  • I have equal rights

  • I always have enough food

  • My friends and I  find jobs

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#TweetaDream Campaign

International Children's Day: #TweetaDream

On June 1st 2015, International Children's Day, over 25k children and youths from 35+ countries visualised and shared the future they want to see via Twitter, join us again this year for #TweetaDream 2016!


Every big achievement starts with a dream, yet too often we fail to inspire young people to dream big, chase their passions and unleash their full potential. The question then becomes, who is responsible for unleashing our inner genius? We believe if young people were inspired to follow their dreams, passions and unique capabilities that this would unleash an unseen amount of potential in the next generation, ready to take on the greatest challenges.


Imagine the power of thousands of young people from around the world visualising, sharing and connecting around their dreams for the future in one unifying event: On International Children’s Day, June 1st 2015, our global #TweetaDream campaign inspired over 25k school age children and youths from more than 35 countries to ask themselves: “What do I want my future to look like?” and to then share their visualisations with the world.


Our global network of 50+ ambassadors in 6 continents reached out to children, youths, teachers, schools, partners and key education leaders alike. In addition, we organised a full-day online conference interviewing young global leaders in partnership with 2 Billion Under 20, +SocialGood and the UN Foundation to show how they are turning their dreams into reality. Sign up to join our global community and to get ready for our next campaign on June 1st!

    Join us for #TweetaDream 2016!

#TweetaDream TEDx




Watch our co-founder Karolina Stawinska represent Our Future World and the #TweetaDream campaign as the opening speaker of TEDxAmsterdamED!

In her talk, she shares her personal story and emphasises the importance of believing in the abilities of our children and inspiring them to dream big.



#TweetaDream Live

Viewers from around the world joined the conversation on International Children’s Day in 2015 by tuning into our #TweetaDream Live full-day online conference to hear inspiring interviews from young global leaders and prominent entrepreneurs about their quests to fulfil their dreams, as well as a few surprise performances from promising young singers!

We are fast approaching the next campaign on June 1st 2016, sign up or get in touch today!

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  • Co-Founder

    Karolina Stawinska

    Disappointed by a rigid educational system providing little room for personal empowerment of its students, Karolina found a strong interest in innovative learning environments.

  • Co-Founder

    Florian Rutsch

    Seeing many of the pressing issues of today and tomorrow being addresses only half-heartedly by political leaders, Florian felt compelled to find new ways of calling on their commitment.

  • Co-Founder

    Michiel Cambron

    Imagine all people empowered to pursue their passions. Imagine education being a place where dreamers come alive. Then we will unleash an unseen amount of people solving our biggest challenges.

  • Audiovisual Support

    Magdalena Stawinska

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    Laura Léonard

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